Kim Biggs: Bringing a New Vibe to Downtown Jonesboro

Brittney Osborn


Kim Biggs: Bringing a New Vibe to Downtown Jonesboro

For nearly three decades, Jonesboro interior designer Kim Biggs has been making a stylish impact on residential and commercial properties throughout the area. The recent addition of a showroom has added to the business’ offerings and has expanded the retail profile of Downtown Jonesboro.

Biggs has been an interior designer for almost 30 years. She was hand-picked to design for a local company when she was starting out in the industry, and although she has worked on other ventures, she always comes back to her passion.

“When you’re in this field, you grow and learn and stay in it,” said Biggs. “I have always freelanced on my own, but it was in 2020 that I decided I wanted to go out on my own and open The Vibe Interiors. I’ve been in the industry for most of my adult life. It’s what my passion is and what I love.

“I started doing commercial first and then I went into residential, and it grew from there. It’s something I’ve always loved and have an eye for. It’s constantly learning in this field. I’m always traveling to further my knowledge. Everything is changing every year. You really have to educate yourself and invest in yourself and your business to keep everything fresh and new. My husband and I would buy houses and flip them, so we learned a lot from that. It’s hard to remember a time I haven’t done this.”

The Vibe Interiors opened in Downtown Jonesboro in December 2023. Biggs, with the help of her husband, fellow local business owner Brian Biggs, and design sssistants Caroline Ferguson and Shannon Haff, opened the interior design showroom to showcase what the team was capable of and to inspire clients.

“It all started out from my home and grew considerably, so I opened a small location with a warehouse,” said Biggs. “We quickly outgrew that, then I moved to our current location on Union. I have since grown to add design associates in Northwest Arkansas, Little Rock and Nashville in addition to Jonesboro. Our Nashville location has really taken off; I do a lot of business there. I have a lot of repeat clients, but I have a lot of new clients, too.”

Biggs has residential clients all over the area, and some of her commercial projects include 501 Steakhouse, Signature Bank, Backroad Social and another downtown property that is still in talks.


“I love doing this job because of the connections, the relationships,” said Biggs. “When people invite you to work in their homes, it’s their safe place. I’ve been doing it so long it feels easy; it’s what I’m here for. I’ve made a lot of really great long-term friendships being in this industry, which I love. I also love helping the next generation. I’ve helped the parents, and now the children are coming to me.

 “I have clients from their mid-20s to their 80s, and that’s so fun. I hope that when I’m in my 80s I still care about how my space looks. How you start your day in your space, that really matters. I love all different styles and spaces. My job is to create what is comfortable for the client. They give me their vision, and I help them create their vision. They might like my style, but I want to make sure it’s something that fits with them, too, even if their style does align with mine.”

Biggs’ design motto is to have each space she touches reflect the vibe of the client themselves. She loves all concepts of design and style and brings each person’s personality into their home.     

“We work with all different budgets, whether somebody is wanting a bit of a one-room refresh or a whole home, we can help oversee remodels, work with new construction – we do it all. …” said the lead interior designer and owner. “My design style has really changed through the years. I do like so many different things. I love color, but I enjoy warm, neutral tones. I’ve lived in a lot of different styles throughout my career because we do move a lot. Now, and what has probably always been my true style, I love mid-century modern, with organic neutrals with really unique pieces thrown in. I also gravitate towards more bold art.

“I always tell people, ‘If you love something, even if you don’t think it goes with the style, try it, we can make it work.’ They can create their own vibe; that’s what we love to help people do. …  Buy what you love, not because you’re in a hurry or because it’s easy to get. Buy quality pieces you can keep and take with you.”


The Vibe Interiors owner says she is mainly inspired by travel, and she incorporates many intricacies that she comes upon into her projects, whether it is an intricate corner detail from a wall in Franklin, Tenn., to a footrest in a shower that she loved in a beautiful hotel bathroom.

“Travel is really what inspires me; looking in windows in the cities, anything from fashion, color, structure, architecture on buildings, hotels, really anything,” she said. “I’m always seeking out the best hotel or the best restaurant with the most details, and I do take away from all of that. It might be the fabric on a suit, or something I see in a window – I’m always looking and observing.

“But I can feel inspired here, too. You can find inspiration where you live; that’s why I have loved creating this retail space. I love having a showroom like this that we can change. We might put things together that people never would have thought go together. I’ll see something, and we will create it here. It gives us an opportunity to inspire and be creative. You can feel inspired in your own town and your own surroundings.”

Biggs has also drawn inspiration from her new surroundings in Downtown Jonesboro.

“Being in this location has been such great advertising,” said Biggs. “The brick-and-mortar design showroom, open by appointment, has given me a lot of calls and inquiries. I always ask how you hear about it, and they say they were driving by and saw.

“I love hearing, ‘There’s nothing else like this, it adds something so bright and pretty downtown.’ It brightened the spot a little bit in the downtown area. I love being downtown. I love the aspect of being able to walk and get lunch or coffee. I never thought that I would, but it’s so nice to have access to these businesses, and I love having a parking lot. I do have downtown businesses reaching out, which is nice. I love the fact that being a local business, which most downtown are, we all support each other. It's so important.”

For more information on The Vibe Interiors by Kim Biggs, visit, call (870) 761-0600 or find the interior design business on social media.



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