Discover the Vibrant Murals of Downtown Jonesboro

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Discover the Vibrant Murals of Downtown Jonesboro

story and photos by Audrey Poff

Downtown Jonesboro is the home to several art galleries, studios, The Foundation of Arts and The Link Theatre Company, adding an artistic flair to the historic heart of the city. In recent years, it has also become a hub for vibrant mural art.

Here are some of the many murals that brighten the downtown area with colorful scenes and playful patterns. Photographers and visitors alike can often be seen taking photos in front of the eclectic artwork visible throughout downtown.

Accessible from Main Street

Jonesboro artist Braden Walls completed his largest project to date and Downtown Jonesboro’s largest mural in July 2022. Located on the side of 311 S. Main St, the building is owned by Dr. Naveed and Savannah Younis of Jonesboro and is the home of the couple’s new boutique, Sahara Rose.

Walls describes his work, “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder,” as a deconstructed and reassembled three-dimensional portrait of Aphrodite/Venus - the goddess of beauty and love.

“After talking with the owners of the building, since it has been a beauty salon for so long, they wanted the mural to be about beauty,” said Walls. “And since the building has been known as the Roman Touch building for so long, I decided to incorporate some Roman/Greek architecture and mythology. The butterflies are also a representation of beauty and are the Arkansas state butterfly - Diana fritillary. The checkerboard floor symbolizes both duality and balance and I thought added a nice aesthetic.”

Another large mural accessible from Main Street is located on the side of Uncle Taco, located at 211 S. Main St. Painted by Tolik Rayevskiy, the mural faces the public parking lot and features a beautiful herd of colorful horses running free along the wall.

The Selfie Wall

Located near the corner of Main Street and Monroe Avenue, the selfie wall includes several murals perfect for a few photos with friends or family. Murals and artists include:

Lips, Beau Jones

Umbrella, Shannon Lamb

Cherubs, Braden Walls

Hearts, Angie Jones

Goldfish, Jerod Brown

Butterflies, Matt Ball

Staircase, Cam Robinson,

Queen Card, Tiger Sasha

United Way Mural : Located near the corner of Union Street and Monroe Ave, the United Way mural was painted by Malcom Weir.

Rotary Club of Jonesboro Centennial Plaza: The facade of the former Hotel Noble is featured inside this recent addition to Downtown Jonesboro. The plaza is located directly across from The Forum.


Alley Murals and Street Art

Located in the alley between Main and Church Streets (directly across from The Forum Theater), are several murals and illustrations that make this alleyway one of the most art-filled areas in Downtown Jonesboro. Beginning on the south end near The Forum extending to Cate Street, they include:

“The Wizard of Oz,” Terry Spengler

Purple Flower, Breana Laden

Bright Flowers, Talia Winkler

Wave, Braden Walls

Dogs on Garages, Braden Walls

Cyclists, Gearhead mural

Second Line Skeletons, Braden Walls


Accessible from Union Street

Union Street in Downtown Jonesboro offers more vibrant murals that add life to the area. They include:

“Starry Night,” Calli Perkins (located on the back of The Parsonage building at 305 S. Main Street)

Geometric Mural, Talia Winkler (near University Lofts)

“Fearlessly Brilliant” Lions, Arkansas State University art students (Burke and Union Street)

Chef’s In Mural, (Union and Burke)

Queens, Beau Jones (parking lot off Union Street)

Tobacco Mural, Talia Winkler (parking lot off Union Street)

Historic Murals

Several historic murals are also located in the downtown area. They include:

Coca-Cola Mural, restored by Vince Pearcy (Burke Street)

Globe Drug Store Mural, restored by Vince Pearcy (Huntington Avenue)

Jonesboro Radio Group Building (off Union Street)

Stage, Too Building (Main Street and Monroe Avenue)

Huntington Square

Huntington Square, located at 401 W. Huntington Ave., includes several restaurants and vendors housed in shipping containers that have been painted by local artists including:

Pizza, Breana Laden (Campfire Pizza container)

Tree/River, Taylor Shannon (Lolly Gourmet Pops container)

Flowers and Gears, Talia Winkler



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