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spring & summer trends
by Madeline Prestidge, illustration by Brittney Guest

Florals A floral pattern is never wrong. Branch out, ditch the black and get the fun pastel florals this spring.

Flatforms Mix up footwear with this funky twist on a traditional tennis shoe or sandal. Flatforms are just like regular shoes, but with a thicker sole, adding height but without the pain of wearing heels.

Long Necklaces Dress up any plain T-shirt with a long, chunky necklace, or pair it with a favorite dress as a simple accessory. It’s an easy way to take an outfit up a notch and takes no time out of a busy morning.

Denim Whether it be a jacket, dress or shirt, denim is the chameleon of fabrics. Put a denim shirt under a sweater to create a preppy, classic look, or wear it with a T-shirt underneath for a more casual feel. There’s no one way to wear denim, which is what makes it so great.

Graphic Tees The best way to feel the comfort of pajamas but also look fashionable is to wear a graphic tee. These are more casual, and are great to wear under an unbuttoned flannel with jeans and tennis shoes.

Layers Weather can be unpredictable in the spring, especially in Arkansas. This is why layering is a must. Throw a jacket or a vest over a blouse; whether it is worn all day or not, it will be trendy either way.

Stripes Don’t just stick to the safe black and white stripes this spring; go with a favorite color or pastels. Spring is the time to break away from dark colors and be bold.

Bathing Suits Don’t try to run from it; swimsuit season is quickly approaching. Those who managed to put on a few pounds this winter are in luck. High-waisted and one-piece swimmies are very much in style this year. So even though it’s still spring, now is the time to start looking for that perfect swimsuit for summer.

Mixed Patterns Mixed pattern duos like cheetah print and stripes are on-trend. Pair a black and white striped shirt with a cheetah print belt or shoes for a fun look. Even stripes and polka dots can go together. If the mixed patterns are pleasing to the eye, be brave and wear it.

Statement Jewelry Large necklaces, earrings or stacked bracelets are a great way to amp up an outfit. Even the many brands of fitness trackers, which continue to grow in popularity, are coming out with fashionable bands to complement trendy outfits.