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Wrap City: A Local Spin on Fresh Food
story and photography by Cody Moore

Jonesboro residents Kyle Misner and W. Judd have given the community yet another option when it comes to experiencing food trucks in Jonesboro. The two have teamed up to open Wrap City, a locally-owned food truck that serves handmade wraps, salads, rice bowls and more.

With more than 30 years of experience combined, Misner and Judd are no strangers to the culinary industry. Judd, a native of Jonesboro, and Misner, who moved to the city in 2009, have worked for several restaurants under local chefs such as Lisa Godsey and Omar Barry. Aside from owning and operating Wrap City, the two continue to work at Omar’s Uptown in Downtown Jonesboro.

“We have both been very fortunate to be able to ask both Chef Godsey and Chef Omar questions about making a higher quality of food,” said Judd. “To have all that knowledge available at any time really puts us in a better position to succeed.

“It’s also inspiring to see someone give 100 percent of themselves to creating a mind-blowing meal, whether it’s Chef Godsey’s creativity and bold flavors or Chef Omar’s dedication to perfection and desire to bring elegance back to food. Those types of role models have made us better at what we do.”

Though Wrap City has only been open since January, Misner and Judd have been cooking up the project for the past two years. The two vividly recall the moment the idea was conceived, which, somewhat ironically, was while working out at a local gym together.

“We both were frustrated with the lack of lunch options we could eat after working out in the gym,” said Judd. “We would bounce recipes off of each other during workouts, and before we knew it, the idea of Wrap City was born.”

At the same time Misner and Judd officially decided that starting their own business was something they were ready to devote themselves to, another local food truck business, Partovi’s Gyros and Falafel, was selling its original food trailer to purchase a new one.

“Once Partovi’s gyro stand came up for sale, Judd and I jumped on the opportunity quickly,” said Misner. “We had already built the foundation for the idea of Wrap City, and the food truck version of that just made sense. It was perfect timing.”

Once the two obtained the food trailer, they redesigned the exterior to fit the theme of the business. Being music lovers, the two decided to make the food trailer into an oversized boombox.

“If you say Wrap City fast enough, it sounds like ‘Rhapsody,’ which means beautiful music,” said Judd. “That’s what we do; we make food that makes you want to dance. When we finally decided on the concept, the name, the vibe, the look, everything just fell into place. Take the fresh food, mix in our love of hip hop, sprinkle in some serious skill set, add in the desire to be your favorite place to eat and you’ve got Wrap City.”

In the two years between the food truck’s conception and its opening, Misner and Judd continually worked on perfecting the menu and are proud of what it has become.

“We have spent many hours building this menu,” said Misner. “It has evolved and changed so much over the past two years, and the end result is fantastic.”

The Wrap City menu features handcrafted items made from fresh, local ingredients. Among the most popular menu items are the delectable Memphis Cheesesteak Wrap, filled with flavorful ribeye, sautéed onions, peppers, lettuce and Memphis queso, and the Wrappers Delight, filled with homemade spicy tinga chicken, rice, pico de gallo, black beans, a three-cheese blend, cilantro and sour cream.

“I sous vide all the ribeye, which is an old French technique that allows the meat to cook but not lose any flavor or moisture,” said Misner. “This technique really shines with the Memphis Cheesesteak.”

Another must-try item is the sweet potato chips, which are sliced and shaved by hand each day.

“We make everything in-house,” said Judd. “Our small environment was seen as detrimental in the beginning, but the way it has worked out has forced us to make everything fresh daily and to use culinary techniques that most other restaurants don’t have time for.”

Other than offering an array of wraps, rice bowls and quesadillas, the pair has plans of adding more salads to the menu as summer gets closer, as well as more vegetarian and keto-friendly items.

“I believe our menu is different than every other restaurant in town,” said Judd. “I also believe that no one is willing to work harder to make the guest happy. We run food out to vehicles, whether it’s cold or rainy. We truly work hard to build relationships with the awesome folks who allow us to cook for them.”

Wrap City also offers a catering alternative for those looking to provide a unique food experience at their gathering.

“We would love to cater your event,” said Misner. “We also have some other things in the works for a more mobile catering option.”

“Kyle and I have recently purchased a really cool hot dog cart that can easily be transported to any event,” said Judd. “We plan to offer street tacos out of it, as well as offering all-beef hot dogs with the freshest ingredients from our kitchen. This will allow us to easily serve any event that wants great food at an affordable price point.”

Offering the community a convenient spot to pick up freshly-made food at an affordable price was the pair’s main goal when opening Wrap City.

“Knowing that you are feeding and fueling a guest’s day with clean food is awesome,” said Judd. “Knowing there are 65 restaurants in a one-mile radius, yet they show up to our food truck, is my everything.”

Whether people are sharing Wrap City’s posts on social media or telling their friends, the two are beyond grateful for the support that the Jonesboro community has given their small business.

“The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Misner. “Everyone that has tried our food loves it.”
“I am grateful beyond measure to those who have said so many wonderful things about our food,” added Judd. “Jonesboro is a beautiful place, and I am glad to see people expecting the same level of food you get from bigger cities. You don’t have to accept fast food for lunch; you deserve way better than that.”

Wrap City, located at 2916 S. Caraway Road in the TeleTech parking lot, is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. To keep up with the latest updates and new menu items, follow Wrap City on Facebook or call them at (870) 200-9852.