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A New Way of Eating with Twisted Foods
by Cody Moore, photography by Amy Long

After several years of working in the medical field and being a personal trainer, Jonesboro native Rose Hankins has decided to devote her time to helping people clean up their diets and lead healthier and happier lifestyles one nutritious meal at a time.

Before opening Twisted Foods in 2017, Hankins opened a boot camp-style gym, Jonesboro Total Health, in 2016. She began to create personalized meals for each of her boot camp members upon their request and discovered her true calling in life. With meal prep interest on the rise, Hankins took the risk of closing Jonesboro Total Health to focus on meal prepping for her customers, which led to the official opening of Twisted Foods.

With a background in nursing, diet plan creation, personal training and body building, Hankins is no stranger to knowing what foods are good for the body and what meals can give successful results.

“It was difficult for me to be a nurse and see people suffering from health problems that could be helped with something as simple as clean food,” said Hankins. “Part of our mission statement at Twisted Foods is to help individuals develop a healthy lifestyle by offering a variety of creative and flavorful meals that meet their unique needs.”

Hankins not only offers healthy food alternatives to customers, but one-on-one consultations to everyone who applies for her meal plans. This way, each customer chooses the most accurate plan to reach his or her desired results. After consulting, customers can customize their own meal plans for however many days they would like that consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for each day.

“We become your personal kitchen,” said Hankins. “You not only get full customization of your meals, but you get to have 24/7 connection with us through social media. We work with each client uniquely to help them achieve their goals.”

When Twisted Foods first opened, Hankins’ main focus was selling meal plans as well as some menu items and prepared fridge meals. But, since the beginning of this year, the eatery has gone through some positive changes in order to make the experience more convenient for its customers.

“This year, we revamped by getting rid of our menu and adding our Build Your Own Box Bar,” said Hankins. “We also started offering monthly meal prep specials. We went from doing 20 preps a week to now doing about 60 a day. Other than that, we’re still doing the same thing, just on a bigger and more broad scale.”

Hankins and her team created the Build Your Own Box Bar in order for guests to have quick access to healthy meals that they can eat in store or box up to take with them. The bar consists of many different healthy proteins, carbs, vegetable and fruit options, showing guests that they don’t have to rid their favorite foods from their diet; instead, they can learn how to eat them in a healthier way. If a customer has questions on what food items to pair together, the Twisted Team is there to help. Customers have the opportunity to choose from a variety of foods such as shrimp, steak and even lasagna, all available at the bar.

One of the more popular dishes that can be made from the bar is the Cheesy Spicy Chicken paired with warm rice and an assortment of freshly cut veggies, which can also be made into a wrap. One of Hankins’ favorite meals is the tuna cake and sweet potato fries with green veggies grilled to perfection.

“We offer real, whole foods that we cook ourselves,” said Hankins. “With us, it’s not about eating less, but about eating the right foods in the portions that fit you.”

One product that guests might not think to find in a nutritional eatery is raw cookie dough. Twisted Dough is Twisted Foods’ sweet snack alternative that is low sugar, low carb, gluten-free and guilt free. The protein-packed cookie dough comes in 14 different flavors with 20-25 grams of protein in each tub of dough. One of the more popular flavors is the Brownie Batter, which is filled with rich chocolate and an array of chocolate chips. Guests can even get these doughs made into a protein shake in-store, along with other smoothie options and freshly made snacks.

“Our keto snacks are super popular right now,” said Hankins. “We have things like lemon cake batter protein rounds, chocolate mousse and keto muffins, to name a few. We always have a full-time baker on staff every day, so you’ll always find new creations in the snack section.”

For those who don’t live in the Jonesboro area, Twisted Foods has recently begun to ship meal plans across the country. Hankins and her Twisted team prepare and ship as many as 80 meal plans per month to customers who cannot pick up in-store. Hankins aspires to do more with Twisted Foods in the Jonesboro community and surrounding areas and will soon get to do so.

“With our food soon to be FDA regulated, we’ll be able to export food and offer insurance-based food to help people from any walk of life improve their well-being,” said Hankins. “Ideally, I would like to see Twisted Foods expand to have a drive-thru. We’ve paired up with several gyms in the area that we sell our meals at, so seeing Twisted Foods meals on the shelves at the grocery store or at gyms is also another goal for us.”

For the months of July and August, Twisted Foods is offering lunch and dinner meal prep for five days a week for $71.99 instead of the $85, or five days of lunch for $39.99 instead of $45. Customers can also fill up a box of food at the Build Your Own Box Bar for only $5 upon checking into Twisted Foods on Facebook. Hankins and her Twisted Team work in the kitchen every day to create fresh meal plans and foods for the community to enjoy while proving that eating well and being healthy is easier and more affordable than some may think.

“The biggest reward for me is that I get to change people’s lives for the better,” said Hankins. “Although it has never been easy, to think that where we are right now is where I thought we’d be several years ahead blows my mind. The reason we’ve come this far is because we’ve made a connection with people who want to invest in themselves.”

Twisted Foods is located at 1320 Red Wolf Blvd. and is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. To stay up-to-date on their monthly specials or to sign up for a meal plan consultation, find Twisted Foods on Facebook and Instagram or visit twistedfoods.menu.