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2019 Wedding Trends
by Cody Moore, illustrations by Brittney Guest

From incorporating macramé into wedding décor accents to the use of colorful smoke bombs for unique photos, here’s a look at a few of the most interesting trends setting the scene for weddings this season.

Hanging Florals
Having floral arrangements on tables may slowly become a thing of the past, thanks to hanging floral arrangements. These innovative floral arrangements are being seen and used more and more when it comes to today’s weddings and receptions. The artistic design of the hanging floral arrangements can add an enchanting and magical touch to anyone’s special day.

Pampas Grass
Native to South America and growing any where from 10 to 13 feet tall, pampas grass has quickly become a popular wedding decor trend for those wanting to achieve a beach or Bohemian vibe. Available in shades that range from sandy-pink to silvery-white, pampas grass is a very versatile decor trend and can be used as an entry installment, floral arrangement or even an as an archway design.

Macramé is back, and today’s brides are embracing it by using it in their wedding décor. This beautiful textile is produced using knotting methods to create a one-of-a-kind look. If bringing a boho-meets-‘70s vibe to a wedding is desired, including macramé in the decor should do the trick. Try using macramé as a photo backdrop, hanging fixture or, for those who feel bold, on their wedding cake.

From engagement and wedding rings to the reception table, gemstones are making a bold appearance in weddings this season. Adding gemstones to a wedding aesthetic presents the opportunity to bring a show-stopping touch wherever they are used. Gemstone designs are trending in cakes, cookies and table decor. Gemstone color tones are also prominent in today’s weddings, whether it be in the dress attire or table accents.

Neon Signs
Signs come in all shapes and sizes, offering direction and clarifying wedding basics for guests. Recently, neon signage has become a prominent touch in wedding decor. This trendy, vibrant addition adds an electrifying flair to any gathering and is sure to be noticed by guests. With the neon sign, the bride and groom can display the wedding hashtag or give their reception space a trendy and photo-ready look for guests. As an added bonus, the sign can be re-hung in the home after the wedding.

Colorful Smoke Bomb Photography
Wedding photos have continued to get more and more creative throughout the years, with this trend being no exception. Adding the colorful smoke bombs to a wedding photo shoot can supply a bold, dreamy backdrop to photos, making the finished product unforgettable. Whether posing with family, friends, husband or wife, having the colorful smoke bomb clouds surrounding the couple in wedding photos will separate this photo shoot from all the rest.