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Embracing Simplicity
with Cottagecore Weddings

By Brittney Guest Osborn

The newest aesthetic trend for weddings and events is all about embracing the simple life and becoming one with nature. Cottagecore is “Little House on the Prairie” meets “Pride and Prejudice,” but with a modern twist.

Think quaint, countryside vignettes full of herb gardens, rustic cabins, open fields and babbling brooks. Cottagecore embraces nature to the fullest, so outdoor wedding venues lend themselves best to this trend. If an outdoor venue is not an option, try bringing as much of nature indoors as possible with potted plants, trees and greenery. Loose bundles of wildflowers instead of traditional rose and peony bouquets are the floral choice for a cottagecore wedding. Try an outdoor tent covered in greenery and twinkling lights for the perfect marriage of outdoor meets indoor.

Called the “new Bohemian” wedding trend, cottagecore is every bit as romantic and whimsical as the boho wedding trend of seasons past, but without all the flash and fanfare. Where weddings used to be over-the-top, Coachella-inspired affairs full of macrame, pampas grass, smoke bombs and elaborate floral headdresses, weddings are now leaning towards more intimate gatherings in open fields or a chapel in the woods, punctuated with potted plants, vintage quilts, wildflower bouquets and moss aisle runners. When planning a cottagecore wedding, simple is best.

Couples can even incorporate the cottagecore aesthetic into their reception. Vintage linens and tableware can be easily found in the family attic or local flea markets. When thinking of food, freshly baked individual pies and homemade preserves with biscuits would be a great offering. Fresh, locally grown produce and artisan cheeses presented on a handcrafted wooden charcuterie board is another way to bring the homespun trend to the table. For wedding favors, jars of preserves or local honey are sure to delight guests. Try hiring an acoustic guitarist or bluegrass band to help set the celebratory yet chill mood.

Cottagecore weddings are a sign of the times, harkening back to days when life didn’t seem so stressful. With more and more couples opting for more intimate outdoor ceremonies where their love is all that really matters, this new trend is here to stay.