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2021 Wedding Color Trends
by Brittney Guest Osborn

Color is an important part of everyday life, so wouldn’t it make sense that color would play a big part in life’s biggest of events? This year, color trends are leaning more towards the hopeful and serene with yellows and blues taking the center stage.

Gen Z Yellow
Move over millennial pink, there’s a new generational color trend taking over. Gen Z yellow is a sunny, optimistic hue full of energy and zest. This luminous color is perfect for weddings and will lend a hopeful air to both indoor and outdoor festivities. Try the trend by incorporating sunflowers or yarrow into bouquets and floral arrangements. Pair Gen Z yellow with millennial pink for a multigenerational palette that’s both energizing and calming, zesty and zen.

Thanks in part to the Netflix series, “Bridgerton,” periwinkle blue has captivated the hearts of classic romantics everywhere. Just one viewing of the show’s final ball scene will showcase how eye-catching and dramatic this otherwise basic blue hue pops. Surrounded by luscious greenery and white florals, periwinkle blue steps into the spotlight. In today’s socially-distanced climate, where more and more weddings take place in wide open outdoor venues, a vibrant yet peaceful blue like periwinkle can be just the thing to tie the whole event together. To literally dip a toe into the trend, try a periwinkle pump for a something blue.

The trendiest new palette takes its cue from the golden hour. Mustard yellow, honey, terracotta, orange, dusty pink, peach and cream are especially welcome at weddings because so many now take place at sunset, with couples trying to get that perfect golden hour shot of their first kiss. The warm tones of the sunset evoke feelings of calm, hope and renewal. An added bonus is that there is a sunset hue for every skin tone under the sun. Try dressing a bridal party in various hues for a gorgeous play of color that will be so of-the-moment.