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2020 Spring Streetwear Fashion Trends
by Cody Moore

It’s that time of the year – when the latest spring trends make their way into closets and onto the streets. This season’s spring trends include everything from elevated shoes to funky prints to chunky chain necklaces. Check out some of the biggest spring streetwear trends that will been seen everywhere to level up in style this season.

Flatform Shoes
Anyone can elevate their shoe game with one of the most popular shoe trends this season, flatform shoes. This ‘70s-inspired, bulky shoe style has made an immense impact on an array of shoe designs. From sneakers to loafers to sandals, finding a flat shoe with an elevated sole won’t be too much of a challenge since the style is popping up everywhere.

Suited Up
Women’s suits have been popular for a while now and will continue to be popular during the upcoming season. Matching colorful suits have taken off in the past few months, as have black and white pinstriped suits. This sophisticated and classy look can help anyone feel ready to tackle the world.

Checkered Pattern
The iconic checkered pattern won’t only been seen on picnic tables this spring, but also on an array of garments. This bold pattern can be found on pants, tops, handbags and even skirts. Have a little fun this spring, and venture out to try a funky print like this one.

Colorful Leather
The latest leather trend that has fashion lovers all over the world swooning is the use of colorful leather. This doesn’t mean that traditional black leather is out of style, but colorful leather is here to pack an even bigger punch. Colorful leather materials are being used in tops, dresses, pants and skirts and can be found everywhere from designer stores to local boutiques.

Dramatic Sleeves
The dramatic sleeve trend is said to be huge, no pun intended, for the spring season. Blouses and dresses with a puffy, off-the-shoulder sleeve have been seen in streetwear outfits everywhere, and it won’t change any time soon. Try pairing a blouse with dramatic sleeves with a skinny jean and a simple sneaker or sandal to achieve a trendy spring look.

A Pop of Pastel
The pastel trend has been around for quite some time, but this year expect to see even more color options when it comes to pastel designs. Pops of pastel orange, blue, lavender and mint green were seen a lot on the spring/summer runways and have even been picked up by local boutiques. Whether it’s a fully pastel orange suit or a pastel lavender blazer, this calm color trend will catch more eyes than one might think.

Polka Dots Galore
There are many prints that are slated to be big hits this spring, with polka dots near the top of that list. Whether this print is in a top, a pant or even a simplistic sundress, this light and airy trend is sure to add a little bit of retro spunk to the closet.

A Floral Reinvention
Florals for spring are not a groundbreaking trend since fashion-lovers have seen it for years and years … and years. But, this spring, expect a reinvention of the typical floral trend as big-name brands are introducing new types of florals to the masses. Psychedelic florals, tropical florals and tiny florals have taken over Instagram feeds all over the world. The psychedelic florals focus on a massive geometric-like floral design with neon detailing, while the tiny floral design includes small embroidered or printed florals on a single garment.

Chunky Chains
This super-sized jewelry trend was seen on the 2020 spring/summer runways of Brandon Maxwell and Chanel and has quickly become a necessity when it comes to a modern streetwear look. Try pairing a chunky silver or gold chain necklace with other metal necklaces to achieve a chic, yet edgy look. Just remember; the chunkier the chain, the better.

Long Lariats
Big-name designer brands such as Versace, Celine, Isabel Marant and Pyer Moss have brought back the infamous lariat necklace, a jewelry trend that hasn’t been seen in a few years. Available in an array of styles including gold, silver or jeweled, the long lariat necklace worn with a deep-V shirt, dress or suit is sure to create a bold statement this spring.