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Quotes on the Crack
by Audrey Poff, illustration by Brittney Guest

I worked in the newsroom of several weekly and daily newspapers before launching Jonesboro Occasions in 2003. Some of my best memories are from those days, as are some of my worst.

There’s a lot of camaraderie in a newsroom. When news breaks, there is an adrenalin-fueled power that transforms the newsroom into a cohesive unit. Even the worst slackers come out of their cubicle to contribute. At other times, all that creative energy confined to one room can easily fuel a heated debate. For the most part, however, it’s a quirky environment that can be very entertaining.

From 1990 to 2000, I worked as a staff writer for The Sun while it was still owned and operated by the Troutt family. During that time, I began keeping “Quotes from the Newsroom” on my computer. Creative people are funny, and when they work in an environment with lots of stress and quirky personalities, some of the things they say are priceless. I entertained myself and others by recording some of what was said.

Although smaller in number, the Occasions office is much the same way. It’s a creative space that operates under the pressure of frequent deadlines. In March 2017, we started recording our own quirky conversations with “Quotes on the Crack” when I overheard Art Director Brittney Guest make a comment about her one plastic Corgi that sits on her desk. Instead of saving the quotes on the computer, however, we began writing them on a Post-It note and placing them on a crack in the wall of our editorial office. To start the new year off with a little humor, here’s a look at some of them:

“I’m only five Corgis away from the Queen of England.”
-Brittney Guest

“Some people have a nighttime name. I have a daytime name.
First name: Megan
Last name: With Occasions.”
-Megan Morris

“Make it pop!”
-Everyone ever regarding their ad design
Via Brittney Guest

“Words are hard.”
-Emily Merrell

“Hang on. My eye is twitching.”
-Audrey Poff

“Four leaf clovers make me happy.”
-Donna Fincher

“My goal for today is not to bite somebody.”
-Audrey Poff regarding press day

“The portapotty ad just fell out.”
-Megan Morris

“Make the white whiter.”
-Client via Brittney Guest

“I’m too fat to be a ninja.”
-Rodney Poff

“We’re gonna go play in the street.”
-Cody Moore and Brittney Guest
“OK. Have fun!”
-Donna Fincher

“Don’t smile with your neck.”
-Audrey Poff