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Timmons Coffee

Story by Cody Moore, Photography by Kayla Broadway

After observing the growing popularity and accessibility of food trucks, Jonesboro native Jennifer Timmons took it upon herself to open Timmons Coffee, a locally-owned food truck that offers an array of coffee, espresso and smoothies, as well as breakfast and lunch items.

As a stay-at-home mom, Jennifer has devoted much of her time to homeschooling her five children, something that she has done for the past 13 years. Jennifer’s husband, Wayne Timmons, is the owner of Timmons Transit, a locally-owned and operated trucking business.

After noticing a desperate need for more food options close to Timmons Transit, located on Nestle Road in Jonesboro, Jennifer decided to bring the much-needed addition to the area.

“Timmons Coffee is located in the parking lot of Timmons Transit, which is owned by my husband,” said Jennifer. “This location was ideal because of our close proximity to Jonesboro Industrial Park.”

Jonesboro Industrial Park, located one and a half miles from I-555, includes the Arkansas State University – Newport (ASU-N) Campus, Hytrol Conveyer Company, Post Foods and an array of other large factories that benefit from Timmons Coffee’s services.

“Our idea for Timmons Coffee started as we saw a need for food service in the Jonesboro Industrial Park,” said Jennifer. “There are very limited food options there. We knew we would need to serve coffee because of the amount of truck drivers that come through the area.

“Also, because I homeschool, my children have the opportunity to work and learn how to run a small business.”

After deciding to open the Jonesboro food truck, Jennifer attended a teaching program in Washington in order to learn tips and tricks on how to successfully create different types of coffee and espresso drinks for her new venture.

“After researching coffee, I wanted to serve not only drip coffee but espresso drinks, too,” said Jennifer. “I attended the Seattle Barista Academy in March of 2019, where I received my training to become a certified barista.”

Soon after receiving her certification, Jennifer officially opened Timmons Coffee in June of 2019. Jennifer, with the help of her children, run the food truck on a day-to-day basis.

“I think what makes Timmons Coffee different from all of the other coffee shops in Jonesboro is the wide variety of food we serve,” said Jennifer. “Not only do we have dual drive-thru windows, we also have a convenient walk-up window. We also have access to a large parking lot for 18-wheelers or any vehicle too large for a drive-thru. The drivers can conveniently pull in, park, walk up and grab some food and coffee.”

Timmons Coffee serves up hot and iced lattes, macchiatos and Americanos, as well as cold brew and drip coffees. Other drink items include fresh smoothies available in strawberry, peach, piña colada and strawberry banana; frappes in vanilla, mocha, white chocolate and caramel; and the Timmons Turbo, a naturally-made energy drink available in multiple flavors, as well as in sugar free.

Among the flavor add-ins that can be applied to any drink are vanilla, caramel, salted caramel, Irish cream, chocolate, white chocolate, cupcake, peppermint, coconut, blue raspberry, strawberry, chocolate chip cookie dough and many more.

“Our best-selling drink is our caramel macchiato, hot or iced,” said Jennifer. “I love chocolate and coffee, so my go-to drink is always a hot mocha made with chocolate almond milk. It’s not on the menu, but my kids call it the ‘momma mocha.’”

When it comes to the food items, Timmons Coffee offers breakfast items such as biscuits and jelly, sausage and bacon biscuits, muffins, grilled breakfast sandwiches and freshly made cinnamon rolls. The lunch menu includes a grilled cheese, a B.L.T., and a hamburger or cheeseburger with an option to add crispy bacon. Certain lunch items can be made into a combo served with the customers’ choice of chips.

“Our best-selling food items are our homemade cinnamon rolls and bacon cheeseburgers,” said Jennifer. “I would recommend a hot or iced latte with a warm, gooey cinnamon roll any day.”

During the month of October, Timmons Coffee will offer the Pink Timmons Turbo, an exclusive raspberry-flavored energy drink, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“We are going to give a percentage of sales from the pink drink to Hope Circle in honor of my sister, Kari Simmons, who is a breast cancer survivor,” said Jennifer.

Because of the support from Jonesboro residents and those who live and work in the Jonesboro Industrial Park area, Timmons Coffee has high hopes for its future.

“Jonesboro is a great community, and we are grateful for all of the support they have shown us,” said Jennifer. “Future plans for Timmons Coffee include a more permanent location, possibly including dine-in.”

Timmons Coffee, located at 3116 Nestle Road in Jonesboro, is currently open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. For updates and announcements, find Timmons Coffee on Facebook and Instagram or call (870) 530-5008.