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The Art of Charcuterie:
Culinary Trend Inspires
HBoards Entrepreneur

Story by Cody Moore, Photography by Kayla Broadway

What started out as a hobby for Jonesboro native Hannah Barré has quickly turned into a successful side business due to its social media impact. HBoards, Barré’s charcuterie business, offers an array of charcuterie board options fit for any occasion, especially during the holidays.

Barré, who also works as a brand manager for Chris Marketing, has always had a love for food, entertaining and creating, something she feels the art of charcuterie embodies.

The word ‘charcuterie’ actually refers to the cooking style devoted to the prepared meats,” said Barré. “However, when pairing those meats with artisanal cheeses, crackers and seasonal fruits, it creates what we call a charcuterie board.”

Barré recalls some of the first moments that she dabbled in the art of creating charcuterie boards within the last year.

“I first made a charcuterie board for my husband’s birthday dinner as an appetizer,” said Barré. “Not long after that, I made one as a thank you gift for our realtor. I shared a few pictures on social media, and people started reaching out to me about them. I was like, ‘Wait a second, … people are interested in paying for these creations?’

“Fast forward a year, and I’m building charcuterie spreads and tables for wedding receptions and loving every second of it.”

Barré began promoting her charcuterie business, HBoards, through her social media platforms during the summer of 2019, and the rest is history.

“I’ve taken to Instagram and Facebook to advertise my boards by sharing pictures and specials,” said Barré. “I think other than word of mouth, social media has helped grow my business outside of just friends and family.”

Barré’s charcuterie boards usually consist of an array of fresh meats, cheeses, fruits and other unique, tasty additions. Though HBoards allows its customers to fully customize their charcuterie boards, Barré shares her personal charcuterie go-tos when creating.

“In my opinion, the perfect charcuterie board consists of four cheeses: something soft, something firm, something aged and something stinky,” said Barré. “Then, pair with salami, prosciutto and a mix of seasonal fruits, including grapes, blackberries and figs, as well as oatcake crackers, cranberry and hazelnut crisps. Finally, red pepper stuffed olives, peppery jelly, candied pecans and Marcona almonds, all topped with a fresh sprig of rosemary.”

“Almost each time after making a board, I have someone call me about the pepper jelly on it,” added Barré. “There’s not much that compares to a triple crème brie on an oatcake cracker topped with peppery jelly. It’s my favorite combination to date.”

HBoards offers multiple size options when it comes to the actual charcuterie boards. Whether it’s a small or medium board, a grazing table or even a holiday-themed board, Barré enjoys the process of creating whatever her customers desire.

“The boards are absolutely customizable,” said Barré. “I love when someone comes to me with an idea or a theme they want to portray through a board. It takes me back to the root of my business: to create.”

The process of creating the perfect charcuterie board is not for the faint of heart. From start to finish, Barré puts hours of work into making sure her charcuterie boards exceed each of her customers’ expectations.

“It all starts with taking the order and any special requests for the board,” said Barré. “Shopping is next, which is one of my favorite parts of the process because each item that goes on a board is thoughtfully planned. Then comes prep work; making sure all of the fruit is washed and that the rest of the items are ready to be assembled.”

“When creating a board, I start with cheeses, followed by any jars that need to be placed for jams or olives,” said Barré. “Crackers are next, and then the meat. Fruits, nuts and fresh herbs are then added as the finishing touches.”

HBoards can cater to any occasion, whether it be a small gathering, holiday party, baby shower, wedding shower, wedding reception, birthday party or even something as simple as a thank you gift for a loved one.

“There’s nothing I love more than creating and bringing people together, and that’s exactly what this business does,” said Barré. “In my opinion, there is never a gathering too small for a charcuterie board, because at the end of the day, it’s bringing loved ones together.”

Since beginning HBoards, Barré has been overwhelmed with the support from her family, friends and the Jonesboro community. She has high hopes for the future of her small business and has no plan on putting her love of charcuterie on hold any time soon.

“I think the community has loved it just as much as I have,” she said. “It’s such a unique addition to a typical wedding or baby shower spread, makes any dinner party feel fancy and is the best gift for that special someone that has everything.

“I hope to keep sharing my love of food and entertaining all while meeting new people in our community.”

HBoards is currently taking orders for the months of November and December. For more information or to order a charcuterie board from HBoards, find Hannah Griffin Barré on Facebook, call (870) 897-0675 or send a direct message to @allaboardwithhb on Instagram.