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Posey Peddler Planning Uncommonly Cool Events
by Audrey Hanes, photography by Kayla Broadway

Later this month, Posey Peddler Flowers and Emporium will launch an extension of its floral design and gift shop business to include Posey Peddler Planning – Bespoke by Bridgette Weddings. Owner Bridgette Arnold will combine her 33 years of experience in the industry with her passion to support local businesses to help plan weddings and events from top to bottom.

Although wedding planning is new to Posey Peddler, it isn’t new to Arnold. She did some wedding planning early in her career, including her own, but after having her now 13-year-old son, Mills, Arnold focused more on the floral design aspect of weddings.

“I planned my own wedding 27 years ago, every detail of it, and I still enjoy that memory,” she said. “… I’ve always done events, my entire career, from elaborate birthday parties to a haunted forest this past Halloween for a party. I love seeing an event all come together and making that space dreamy and sparkly. For three or four hours, that event can be an amazing space away from the rest of the world. I wanted to be a part of making a special time period in someone’s life they’ll never forget.”

Another reason Arnold added event and wedding planning to the Posey Peddler business was that she wanted to utilize and promote all the local contacts she has come to know since taking over Posey Peddler in 1984.

“I like to take all that knowledge I’ve gained the past 33 years and use it,” said Arnold. “I have a big connection in the music world through my husband, Greg, and I’ve enjoyed working with Elegant Party Rentals and Artents. I know so many local businesses and those in the wedding industry, from photographers to caterers to venues to cakes; I’ve made a lot of connections and want to use those.”

Arnold says that while the goal open date is the middle of January, she has already met with several potential clients and has attended several wedding-planning seminars.

“We’ll do three upcoming wedding shows, and that’s when we’ll let everyone know about what we’re doing now,” she said. “I want people to know there is a local wedding planning choice that will use local people and plan large-scale events.

“… The American flower grower is coming back. We want to buy local. We’re competing with the internet, but we hope that we’re supported locally. Small businesses need local support.”

Couples will have several different wedding planning packages to choose from at Bespoke. An initial complimentary consultation includes a one-hour meeting with Arnold to discuss wedding packages, pricing and options, along with going over couples’ vision for their big day and other important factors to consider.

The most all-inclusive package offered by Bespoke by Bridgette Weddings is the Passion Package, which helps couples with every step along the way from the very beginning. This package includes everything from save-the-dates and coordination of the engagement party to budget consulting, wedding week itinerary, monogram creation and printing, cake tastings, vendor coordination and on-site direction for the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

Three other package levels are also available to couples, as well as many other wedding services that can be added on, such as balloon art, custom signage, chocolate truffles and candy, cricket work, Tervis glasses, gift baskets, balloons, Oh Sugar treats, banners, Rice Krispies treat pops, plant rental, art and more.

“I like brides in this generation; they’re so creative,” said Arnold. “You have technology today that really helps us understand what they have in mind and what their vision is.

“Another part of that, with technology and because I have such a talented team of designers, is that I am able to design a wedding remotely. … Technology has made it so that you can manage many aspects of a business at the same time. You can be off-site overseeing a wedding rehearsal while designing the florals for the wedding for the next day at the same time. I can create something in my head, and my designers will make it come to life.”

The wedding consultations will take place next door to Posey Peddler in a building that also serves as a showroom for the business’ new prop rental venture.

“We have all our props displayed there, and we are adding new props all the time,” said Arnold. “I’m having a moon gate built and a wedding arbor built, and they’ll both be available to rent. We have Victorian couches, gold vases, columns, etc. I want to collect some eclectic things to have available to rent so that your wedding can be different. The key to this generation’s weddings is personalization. Everyone wants something that’s reflective of them. They’ll be able to find props to use to make that happen – whether we plan your wedding or you just want to rent them.”

While she has been designing weddings for decades, Arnold says she is looking forward to being there in person to see them come to life.

“I think I’ll most enjoy getting to know clients on a one-by-one basis,” said Arnold. “The floral industry was a bit ahead of its time – we have always interacted with our clients over the phone or online. This will bring a whole new aspect in that we’ll get to know the family and be a part of the plans. It’s another layer of my career I’ve never really pursued.

“I am looking forward to seeing it all come together – to see someone’s vision become a reality. As a wedding designer, you’re not physically there at the wedding, so I’ll get to see it all come together now.”

Arnold says that she and her team stay on the cutting edge of what’s new to the floral and wedding world while still holding onto certain traditions that make their work timeless and classic.

“I named it Bespoke by Bridgette Weddings because bespoke is an old English term that means to arrange or design ahead of time for someone; you arrange their day for them,” said Arnold. “There’s also a new bridal bouquet design called the bespoke. It’s large and overflowing and hasn’t been popular since the Medieval time, and it’s really my style; it spoke to me. To me, Bespoke by Bridgette Weddings means to make it happen for them. Their design. Everything custom.”

For more information about Posey Planning – Bespoke by Bridgette Weddings, located at 135 Southwest Drive, visit poseypeddlerweddings.com and look for bespokebybridgette.com, which is coming soon. For information about prop rental, visit ppprophouse.com. To contact Bridgette, email Bridgette@poseypeddler.com or call (870) 932-2231.