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Heating Up Northeast Arkansas
By Audrey Hanes, photography by Melissa Donner

For more than 15 years, Fireside Hearth and Stove has been Northeast Arkansas’ premiere fireplace and stove store, along with its sister store, Nightingale Mechanical heating and cooling specialists. The store’s recent move from Brookland to Jonesboro has allowed owner Myron Nightingale and his staff to grow the business and reach even more customers with its services and products.

“Moving to Jonesboro in 2005 was a venture in faith as the result of a direct personal inspiration,” said Nightingale. “Having been in the HVAC business for a number of years in Oklahoma, my wife, Effie, and I, along with our sons, moved to this energetic community in the small town of Brookland. We envisioned selling stoves as a cool season addition to the air conditioning side of our business.”

For the first several years, the Nightingales served the community as the only retailer dedicated to wood and pellet stoves. As the business grew, they expanded their line of stoves and eventually began to sell gas logs; they also saw the need to separate the stove business and form a new company called Fireside Hearth and Stove (Fireside). Nightingale owns and operates Fireside, and although he remains part owner of Nightingale Mechanical, his sons, Marcus and Samuel, took over the operation of the original HVAC business.

“With time we realized that the location in Brookland limited the expansion and operation of both businesses, and in 2018 we constructed a building on (Craighead) County Road 905, locally known as Rogers Chapel Road,” said Nightingale. “We built a building that would hopefully be adequate for both businesses.”

Nightingale says that many new customers have discovered Fireside at its new location, with people traveling from Cherokee Village, Newport and even neighboring states to be able to shop for quality products at the specialty business.

“Word is getting out that there is a fireplace store in NEA,” he said. “We put a lot into knowing the product that we have, being able to advise people on what fits their needs and being able to have service and parts for those products. We have a continuity of product line, and we also try to have products that might not be the cheapest you can get, but we focus more on quality. We want our customers to be able to use it for years and it be a reliable addition to their home.”

At the same time Fireside relocated, it expanded its product lines to include a variety of fireplaces, inserts, gas logs and more.

“Gas fireplaces have long been a favored way to enhance the warmth and ambiance of many homes,” said Nightingale. “We have grown so much in our offerings of a variety of both direct vent and vent-free appliances. The community, locally and all of Northeast Arkansas, has responded with enthusiasm to the opportunity to step into a store and actually have a variety of fireplaces to select. … We also offer wood burning stoves and fireplaces, as well as pellet, gas and electric units.”

Fireside recently added pellet grills to its showroom floor and is now a stocking dealer for Green Mountain Grills. They are WiFi enabled, allowing customers to turn on the grill to an accurate, specific temperature before they even get home. The specialty store also began carrying Hearthstone Wood Stoves, a high-quality soap stone stove.

For those who might not be familiar with pellet stoves and grills, Nightingale explains that pellets are a byproduct of hardwood flooring companies; they are made from compressed sawdust, using something that would otherwise be waste. These stoves and grills are made to feed in pellets at a consistent rate with consistent flame and are thermostatically controlled, which prevents the overheating that is possible with a wood stove. He says there is also very minimal ash to take out.

“We make in-home visits to help the customer understand what their options are,” said Nightingale. “We have been very active this winter; we have still been able to go on house calls, because we wear masks and practice safety. So many people don’t know what they need and don’t know what is available, and we can talk it over with them and arrive at a conclusion that meets their budget and meets their need.”

Nightingale says that gas fireplaces are the business’ biggest sellers, both vented and vent-free. The store offers units that can be retrofitted in an existing fireplace, and they also frequently work with contractors for new home installations.

“One thing we observe when we are called in to service many fireplaces that were not purchased from us is that some contractors are building nice homes but are putting in fireplaces that don’t match that quality,” said Nightingale. “We feel like buyers deserve to have a nice fireplace that matches that same quality. When we are called to service some of these fireplaces, we realize they don’t have the quality they deserve.

“The same applies to gas logs. We have found that some people have been disappointed in their gas logs. They should be safe and odor-free, but again, it’s often that quality lacking there.”

In the future, Fireside plans to expand further into outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Although they are offered now, Nightingale hopes to soon have them on display, as well.

“We really take God into our business,” said Nightingale. “We believe in being honest, but it’s more than just integrity. We believe that God is the master planner, and we want to do it His way.”

For more information about Fireside Hearth and Stove, located at 781 CR 905 Roger Chapel Road just outside of Jonesboro, call (870) 933-7034, visit firesidehearthandstove.com or find Fireside Hearth & Stove on Facebook.